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MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS Email integration service on your own Domain


This service consists of integrating one of the best world corporate mail systems!! (The MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS also known as Microsoft Outlook Corporate Email Service for Domains), which you can research on Google and obtain more information about the service of MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS. The outstanding benefits provided by MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS allow all your email accounts to have 50 Gb of space, without SPAM problems, without Outlook configuration problems, or delivery problems of emails that do not reach their recipients, or problems in the number of email accounts that you can enable for your company, or any of the other Email problems that you have surely experienced or heard from other Providers of Email services or hosting providers.

We offer the MICROSOFT 365 Email integration service in your domain with options of 50Gb of space in each email account, so that you do not suffer space problems in your emails and with costs from USD$ 5 per month for each account that you want to enable.


MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS Mail Integration service


If you have already started experiencing problems with your current email system, such as:

  • The emails that you send go directly to the SPAM tray of your recipients, with which you are surely losing business due to emails and business quotes that are never received.

  • You are receiving too many SPAM emails in your inbox that, in addition to being annoying, take up valuable minutes of your time, to review and delete them.

  • The emails that your clients send to you "Bounce", because your email is full or the server is not available at those critical moments, making you miss important communications and important businesses.

  • Your email accounts fill up frequently preventing you from receiving or sending more emails until you delete emails from the server or download them to your computer (Thus missing the opportunity to receive important emails for your business).

  • Your current email system does not allow you to send large attachments, such as large PDF files, so you must incur various additional costs, such as sending CDs or USB sticks by courier.

  • Your emails frequently give you problems to work correctly in Outlook or on your cell phone, with error messages on the Outgoing Server or on the Incoming Server or with X number of ports, making you waste time having to send emails by webmail or worse, with a free email address outside of your organization.

  • Your current Web Mail Graphic Interface looks outdated and disorganized, with no customization options and no easy options to include your own email signature, making you feel like you're working with a free email account from the 90's.

  • The email service that you had Free in G Suite for your domain (G Suite free legacy edition), has already notified you that it will stop being free and your service will soon be terminated if you don't switch to a paid plan.

If you have already experienced at least 2 of the problems described above, you definitely SHOULD switch NOW to the MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS Paid System, as staying on your Current system will not fix those problems on their own over time, on the contrary, your experience of using your Emails each day will start to get much worse!

(Staying with a faulty Mail service is similar to people who did not want to change from an old cell phone to a modern Smartphone, surely you now have an Android cell phone or an iPhone and if someone asks you If you considered the possibility of switching back to an old cell phone that is not a smartphone, you would surely answer that you would never go back to an old phone; Exactly that will be your experience. after switching to MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS, you won't want to go back to your old email system, so we suggest you make that switch as soon as possible, for all the benefits that MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESS can offer you as your new email system, which will undoubtedly improve your current productivity.)


How to integrate Microsoft 365 Business Emails in my domain


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