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(comments from our clients)

I've bought the Bible for Mobile,  In fact, It's affordable,  easy to install, and easy to use, I really love to have the Bible wherever I go. 

I have already recommended  to all of my friends.

Mary Cole (Miami, USA)

First I downloaded the Demo version, and it worked very well in my  cellular (nokia 6300), after that,  I bought  the full version, which I got delivered to my email address just 5 minutes after I payd.

Having the bible in my pocket all the time is awesome, Thanks to GOD and thanks to for providing us this tool.

Heber Hurtado (Colombia)

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The Bible for your Mobile


Every day, we have more people visiting our website or seraching for "mga kwentong parabula ng biblia" and then installing the Bible in their mobile, to read the bible anytime and anywhere: at home, at school, at office and church.

You can also have the Holy Bible in your mobile, in less than 5 minutes. Buy it now from this website, for only Us$ 10 with no additional cost (limited time offer, since the regular price is Us$ 25)

The Demo Version is FREE, it is a fully operational version, which contains the first 5 books of the Bible and can be downloaded at the end of this page.

The Bible for Mobile is an application that we have developed in JAVA for Mobiles, therefore, if your cellular phone supports java games, this Bible will run in your phone without no problem.

We have already installed and fully tested this Bible in the following mobile phones:

  • LG:
    A1000, E1000, V3, V550, V635, V980, V1050
  • NOKIA:
    3230, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680, 9300, 9500
    SGH-Z140V, SGH-Z500V
    S710A, D750i, K750i, V600i, V800, W800i
  • HP:
We also know that this application works perfectly in any mobile phone supporting Java and 2.5 Mb of availabe memory.

Anyway, if you want to check if your mobile can run this Bible, you can download FREE the Demo version, which contains the first 5 books of the bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy)

To install the Bible in your mobile, for your self, you must follow this steps:
  1. Download the Bible to your computer, (to do so, you must click the download button and save the file in your computer.)
  2. Open the downloaded file with Winzip or any other decompressing program and extract the file bible.jar (if you don't have a decompressing program installed in your computer, you can download it for free from or from
  3. Delete from your mobile unnecessary files, such as pictures and videos in order to have 2.5 Mb available memory in your phone.
  4. Transfer the file bible.jar from your computer to your mobile, by bluetooth, infrared or your Sync. data cables.
  5. Follow the instruction on your phone to complete the installation. (some old models needs an installation disc, example: Nokia 6230 and others.)

Note: To install the Bible in your phone, your phone and your computer must have an infrared connection or bluetooth conecction, or the data cables to transfer the application.

If you have doubts about the installation process, consult your phone guidebook.

We are not responsible for your mobile installation process, that's why we suggest you to download and install the FREE version, before you buy the paid version.

Then you will be able to try this product, without any cost, then, if the Demo version runs in your phone, and you want to get the Entire Bible, you can buyit from here, with your credit card, through 2checkout, and automatically, in just five minutes (after your payment is confirmed), you will receive an email from us, with the link to download the Entire Bible.

If you have already installed the Demo Version, and it worked perfectly on your phone, and want to get the complete bible, AMS, american standard version, old and new testament NOTE: due to space limitations the books of Habbakkuh, Philippine and Gospel Matthew are not available in the paid version ).

You can buy this paid version for only Us$ 10 (only one payment, no monthly fees,no hidden strings and no servcie costs or sms costs)

To buy it, you must have a credit card (Visa, Mastercard o American Express).

When you pay with your credit card, your payment will be immediately processed through 2checkout and credited to SABRO (our commercial company name), this payment will be reflected in your creditcard statement as 2checkout*SABRO.

If you have paypal, you could also pay with your paypal account.

If you choose to pay in this moment, your payment will be processed in no time, and less than 5 minutes, you will get an email with the link to download the Full Bible.

To buy the Full bible, with your credit now, for only Us$10.00 do click on:

Thanks for trying or buying the bibleformobile, and please recommend this website to your family, your friends, and the people you care


The BibleforMobile Team


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