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Pulmonologist in Guatemala, Dr. Marco A. Guerrero,


NEUMOLOGOGUATEMALA.COM, is the website of the Pediatrician and Pulmonologist Doctor Marco A. Guerrero.

At Dr. Guerrero's Respiratory Diseases Clinic, they are dedicated to caring for the lung health of adults and children.

Dr. Guerrero is a highly qualified pulmonologist specialist in respiratory diseases, with experience in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various lung conditions.

To learn more about Dr. Guerrero and see all the services he offers, you can visit the website we developed for him:

Ophthalmological and Professional Optical Clinic,


At Eyecenter All ophthalmologists are doctors and surgeons who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases, with more than 12 years of university preparation.

At Eyecenter all consultations, without exception, are carried out by sub-specialist ophthalmologists, which allows for a complete and comprehensive evaluation of all their patients.

To learn more about Eyecenter and see all the products and services they offer, you can visit the website we developed for them:

Oncologist in Guatemala, Dr. Julio Lau,


CANCERDEMAMA.GT, is the website of Doctor Gynecologist and Oncologist Julio Lau.

Dr. Lau specializes in the comprehensive treatment of women with breast cancer and cancer in the organs of the female reproductive system, from diagnosis and treatment to cure and oncological follow-up.

To learn more about Dr. Julio Lau and see all the services he offers, you can visit the website we developed for him:

MGS Supply and Services Hosuton Texas


MGS SUPPLY AND SERVICES, is an American company based in Houston Texas dedicated to commercial cleaning services. for companies in Houston, with trained and trustworthy personnel.

Some of the services they offer are: Covid 19 disinfection, post construction cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, recycling services, document shredding, floor polishing and more.

To learn more about MGS Supply & Services and see all the services they offer, you can visit any of the two websites that we built for them:



Desertr Kids Pediatrics Phoenix Arizona

DESERT KIDS PEDIATRICS is a Pediatric Clinic located in Phoenix, Arizona with bilingual care, specializing in medical care for Hispanic and American children and adolescents.

If you are in Phoenix Arizona and have young children or teenagers, or if you are planning to travel to Phoenix AZ., or if you have a friend or family member with young children or teenagers living in Arizona, you can refer them to the Desert Kids Pediatrics website to schedule an appointment

Hormigon Guatemala


HORMIG N express, is a Guatemalan company dedicated to the service of construction and agro-industry in the specific area of production, transport, pumping and placement of concrete, guaranteeing high quality products and support.

Some of the products that they offer and apply in works are: conventional concrete, concrete for pavements, fluid concrete, accelerated concrete, mass-produced housing concrete, shotcrete, mudcrete, and various other products.

To learn more about Hormigon Express and see all the products and services they offer, you can visit:


Servicios Multiples de Outsorcing S.A., is a Guatemalan company dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions in the provision of outsourcing services for consulting, administration, planning, payroll management, technical services, accounting, audit services, messaging or correspondence, random audits, supervisions, which means that our range of proposals can be adapted to the needs of commerce, real estate, banking, the public sector, etc. Thus obtaining satisfied and permanent customers in Guatemala.

To learn more about the outsourcing services this company offers, you can visit:

Ze Foodie Companie Guatemala ZFC


Guatemalan company dedicated to the manufacture and international distribution of Guatemalan Culinary Products with original 100% Guatemalan recipes, by the renowned International Chef Patrick B jot.

GYNECOLOGY CANCER is the website of the Distinguished and Renowned Doctor Julio Lau, an expert in the early detection and treatment of Gynecological Cancer, If you want to know more about the experience and services of Doctor Lau, you can visit his website:

FEMME CENTER GUATEMALA is the website of the Distinguished and Renowned Doctor Astrid Contreras, Gynecologist and Obstetrician graduated in Hannover-Germany, expert in Endocrinology, Contraception, Sexology, Urogynecology, Infertility, Girl and Adolescent Gynecology, Climacteric, and several other subspecialties.

If you want to know more about the experience and services of Dr. Astrid Contreras, you can visit her website:


FDA Registration Latin America is a company that assists Hispanic and Latin American companies to efficiently comply with the requirements of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the Law of Bioterrorism for the export of products to the United States such as Food, beverages, medical devices, medicines, cosmetic products and more.

If you want to know more about the services offered by FDA Registration, you can visit:


The Nelson Mandela Association is a Civil Society Organization, founded by Dr. Sydney Samuels, as a non-profit organization, which facilitates social recognition and development with an emphasis on cultural relevance and gender equality, aimed at Afro-Guatemalans.

The organization aims to promote peace in Guatemala through the existing interethnic inclusions in the country (Gar funas, Anglophone Afro-descendants, Mayans, Ladinos, etc.)

If you want to know more about the Nelson Mandela Association, you can visit:

TOLDOS VISION GUATEMALA is the Website of Toldos Vision S.A., a Guatemalan company dedicated to the rental and manufacture of awnings and temporary roofing systems for different uses and applications, such as weddings, fifteen years, business events, sporting events, offering a varied inventory of awnings and tents of different designs from 9 to 2,500 square meters in one piece, all made with the highest quality materials, creating safe, fresh and 100% waterproof environments.

To learn more about Tolvisa and see photos of events with tents and awnings, you can visit:


The Retiro de Mar a Sanatorium is an internationally recognized private hospital, founded in 1998, by the distinguished Dr. Eddy Monge, the purpose of the Sanatorium is the rehabilitation of patients with emotional and physical problems, with specialized neuropsychiatric care in Mental Health comprehensive both acute and chronic cases and patients who need psychiatry professionals in Guatemala

To learn more about the Retiro de Mar a Sanatorium, you can visit:


OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGIST IN GUATEMALA is the website of the renowned Dr. C sar Bravo Navarro, Otorhinolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, director of the UNIT OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY SALUCENTRO, who have the most modern equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of problems of: Deafness, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, snoring, nasal obstruction, voice disorders, ear, nose and throat infections, tonsil and adenoid problems, Minimally Invasive Nasal Surgeries without plugs, radiofrequency, Ear Microsurgery, Rhinoplasty.

To learn more about Dr. Bravo's training and services, you can visit:

COSTA VERDE GUATEMALA HOTEL is the website of the Hotel Costa Verde, located in Puerto San Jose de Guatemala, The Hotel has comfortable rooms, restaurant, Bungalows with swimming pool and world-class services in the incomparable landscape of the Guatemalan tropics, just five minutes from the sea. With more than 20 years of experience in hotel services, Hotel Costa Verde is the ideal destination for your vacations or to celebrate an event in Puerto San Jos .

To view photos, make a reservation or to learn more about Hotel Costa Verde, you can visit:

DOCTOR SYDNEY SAMUELS is the website of the distinguished Doctor and Civil Engineer Sydney Samuels, who was Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the San Carlos University of Guatemala, as well as former Minister of Environment of the Government of Guatemala and Founder of the Nelson Mandela Association. Dr. Samuels also offers consultancy and advisory services on projects related to the Environment, as well as Local Sustainable Development and Territorial Environmental Management projects.

To learn more about the trajectory of Dr. Sydney Samuels or to contact him directly, you can visit:


Microplast, S.A. is a Guatemalan company that manufactures and markets quality plastic articles, mainly the toy line, distinguish ourselves by a wide variety of colors, resistance and high quality. Currently, its portfolio is classified into three main lines: Industry, toys and home, which are distributed throughout the Republic of Guatemala and Central America.

If you want to see Microplast products or are interested in being a distributor of Microplast toys and plastic products, you can visit:


The Donar Foundation was born in 2004 with the aim of promoting organ donation in Guatemala, the foundation is in charge of organizing different projects so that these donations are made and facilitated in all aspects.

The foundation arose from the feeling of 2 mothers, united in pain for the loss of their children who were diagnosed brain death, managing to make this a positive experience for the benefit of all Guatemalans.

If you want to know more about the association and how you can become an Organ Donor to give life after death, you can visit:


The academic excellence of the Pre-University Computing School (PREU) has placed it at the same level as the best and most prestigious educational centers in Guatemala.

The PREU currently offers Junior High School Education with a computer orientation as well as the following diversified careers: Bachelor of Computers with Commercial Orientation and a diploma in robotics, Bachelor of Computers with a Commercial Orientation and a diploma in Medicine, Expert Accountant with a Computer Orientation, Bilingual Secretary with Computer Orientation, Bachelor's Degree in Technical and Construction Drawing and Bachelor's Degree in Science and Letters by Maturity.

If you want to pre-register or want to know more about the Computing Pre-university School, you can visit:


Florisima is a Guatemalan online store that offers an exquisite way to express your feelings and thoughts through high-quality Floral Designs. Florisima also offers a wide range of balloons, teddy bears from exclusive brands, silk flower designs, fruits and gourmet products, all of which can be purchased online with your credit card or debit card directly from the Florisima website with option to be delivered at home in all places in Guatemala, which is ideal to surprise that special person that you have in mind right now, or for all kinds of occasions, such as birthdays, mother's day, father's day, Valentine's day and even for funeral occasions.

Florisima also offers arrangements for special events such as baptisms, first communions, 15 years, weddings and any other special events.

To see all Florisima arrangements and offers, you can visit:

GUATEMALAN WEAPONS is an online store, dedicated to the sale, distribution and marketing of weapons, ammunition, accessories, security equipment, polygons, armor, shooting courses, defensive courses, security, investigations, intelligence services, gunsmiths, shooting clubs, associations and everything related to the world of gunpowder.

ARMAS DE GUATEMALA is a company created to meet the security needs of Guatemalans in general, complying with the Guatemalan Arms and Ammunition Law

To see all the products and offers of the ArmasdeGuatemala store, you can visit:

Biomedical Clinical Laboratory in Guatemala


The Biomedical Laboratory is a reference Laboratory with high quality standards, with more than 35 years of experience.

All equipment used in the laboratory is automated and uses state-of-the-art technology, up-to-date methods and tests required by doctors, according to the latest advances in Clinical Chemistry.

To learn more about the Biomedical Laboratory and see all the services they offer, you can visit:

Longo Campollo & Associates. Law Firm in Guatemala


Longo Campollo & Asociados is a distinguished firm of Lawyers and Notaries located in zone 10 of Guatemala, who provide professional services in the criminal, corporate, labor, commercial, electronic transfer and family fields.

The Lawyers of the Firm have as a priority to provide legal services in a timely and professional manner, offering these services to individuals and companies located in Guatemala, the United States and Central America, in the different disciplines of law based on the laws of Guatemala.

To learn more about the Firm and see all the services they offer, you can visit:

UTIP Guatemala

UTIP GUATEMALA is a website founded and directed by the Distinguished Doctor Luis Augusto Moya Barqu n, Utip Guatemala aims to disseminate basic tools that allow the recognition of pediatric emergencies and pediatric intensive therapy useful for students and professionals of Medicine in Guatemala

To learn more about UTIP Guatemala, you can visit:

Copimundo Guatemala


Copimundo is a Guatemalan company dedicated to the sale and rental of photocopiers and printers and everything related to these useful machines, such as: repair services and maintenance services in both black/white and color. Also for sale: toner, paper, voltage regulators, covers, binders, binding material and spare parts. They are currently Authorized Distributors of the prestigious Ricoh brand, for Guatemala.

To learn more about Copimundo and see all the products and services they have available, you can visit:

Buying and Selling Paypal Balances in Guatemala

PISTO PISTO GUATEMALA is a website dedicated to the purchase and sale of Paypal balances in Guatemala, this website is useful to be able to withdraw money from PayPal in Guatemala by selling your PayPal balance and receiving your money in your bank account in your Guatemalan bank. Pisto Pisto also offers to recharge any Paypal account without the need to have a bank account associated with Paypal and without having to enter any credit card or debit card in Paypal, that way you can make purchases on Ebay or on any other site that accept Paypal just by recharging your Paypal account through a cash deposit at any branch of Banco Industrial de Guatemala.

To learn more about PistoPisto services, you can visit:

Ebooks Store, Electronic Books for Sale through Paypal
Doctor David Stokes Cayetano (R.I.P), Neurosurgeon Guatemala
Doctor Henry Stokes Guatemala
The Medical Directory of Guatemala on the Internet,
Free Program to Protect PHP, Protect HTML and Protect Javascript

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Love It Nail
Hospital Psiquiatrico en Guatemala, Sanatorio Retiro de Maria Guatemala
Asociacion Nelson Mandela Guatemala
Proteger Fotos con Password para enviar por Whatsapp, por Facebook y por Email
El Directorio Medico de Guatemala en Internet,
Compra y Venta de Saldos de Paypal en Guatemala
SanInfoCom a Guatemalan/Belizean Managing Consulting Company

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